Monday, August 28, 2006

Purrfect Angelz Photo is NOT a Photoshop

Allah at HotAir has a story on what some consider a possible photoshop:

Some have wondered whether the top part of the mic cord was photoshopped out. Allah expresses doubts, and with good reason. Setting aside conjecture as to what possible motivation a photographer might have to photoshop the pic, the mic cord isn't missing from the shot. It's only blurred. To make the point, I've placed tic marks on either side of the blurred, darkened area above the soldier's heads. I've also drawn a red line showing that the blurred area lies right where we'd expect the mic cord to be if it were stationary.

Is it possible that it's a photoshop, but just a bad one? Not likely. If a photographer wanted to photoshop this pic to remove the mic cord, it'd look more like this:

Note the "blur" is gone and the lower part of the mic cord is "disappearing". This type of image manipulation can be done in MS Paint in five minutes, not to mention what can be done in Photoshop or GIMP. Another five minutes of work, and the mic cord could be gone for good. Given the above, I think it's inescapable that the above pic isn't a photoshop--or at least not with respect to the mic cord.

In light of our very recent experiences with news photos, I'm all for skepticism when it comes to news photography about controversial subjects. But let's be reasonable, lest we drown the recent admirable successes in a sea of false noise.

UPDATE: Taking the above a couple steps further.