Wednesday, February 02, 2005

More on Informationclearinghouse's Possible Terrorist Connections

As I wrote here yesterday, utra-left wing website Informationclearinghouse is providing storage and download services for The Iraqi Resistance. As reported earlier, The Iraqi Resistance is a website falling under the umbrella of

Investigation has shown that was registered by 357Hosting in Niewvegein, Utrecht, Netherlands. 357Hosting also registered, website of the radical Muslim Sheik Abu Hamza. There is a mirror site for in Englewood, Colorado.

Here's what the UK's Mirror had to say about Abu Hamza today:
MUSLIM leader Sheikh Abu Hamza has told young British supporters that murder, bank robbery and looting are legitimate weapons against the enemies of Islam.

Secret tapes obtained by the Daily Mirror show how the one-eyed cleric has urged violence at recruitment meetings across Britain - and warned that the infidel should be kept on the run.
So, we have an American leftist propaganda site supplying storage and download facilities to a website linked to Abu Hamza. More updates to follow.