Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ACLU Attempting Coup D'Etat

From CNSNews:
(CNSNews.com) - While White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was asserting Monday that the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program was a vital tool in the war against terrorism, a panel assembled by the American Civil Liberties Union was arguing that President Bush should be impeached over the spying program.

"If the political alignment in the country were otherwise, impeachment would be a no-brainer," said Laurence H. Tribe, professor of constitutional law at Harvard University.
Earlier, in joining calls for a Congressional investigation, I based that position on the ACLU's overly close ties with terrorist and terrorist-sympathizer organizations. This latest incident convinces more than ever that the ACLU, which has seen internecine conflict and resignations over its recent actions, does not have the best interests of the country at heart.