Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Al Qaeda Looking For White "Sleepers"

The trial of an Australian renegade named Joseph Thomas, who is accused of working with Al Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan, may have revealed that Osama bin Laden is trying to recruit Caucasians.

From UPI:
Western intelligence services are increasingly nervous about al-Qaida attempts to recruit white men and women, as they can more easily pass in Western society.

Australia's Herald Sun reported that an ongoing court case in Melbourne uncovered an al-Qaida attempt to recruit Caucasian "sleeper agents."

Australian defendant Joseph Thomas told his police interrogators that Khalid bin Attash, an associate of Osama bin Laden, said that bin Laden was interested in having "an Aussie ... a white boy," according to testimony in Melbourne's Supreme Court.

Prosecutor Nick Robinson alleged that Thomas's conversations with bin Attash occurred in Pakistan, where Thomas was staying at an al-Qaida safe house after training at the group's al-Farooq camp in Afghanistan during 2001.
Presumably, the Caucasians would be mercenaries. Anyone care to bet that there aren't plenty of whites willing to help out AQ for enough green?

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