Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Chip Off the Old Block

Letter written by Saddam's son Qusai, four months before his richly deserved demise:

Republican Guard Secretariat Presidential Office
Special Security Organization
Republican Guard Chief of Staff Security
Number: [blank]
Date: March 14, 2003
Secret and Personal

Presidential Office: Special Office
The Secretary:
Re: Kuwaiti POW’s

Regarding the execution of Mr. President, Commander Saddam Hussein’s (God protect
him) orders, according to the decision of the Revolutionary Command Council on Friday,
March 4, 2003.

Transfer all Kuwaiti POW’s / a total of 448 captured Kuwaitis who are located at the Al-Nida Al-Agher Prison and the Intelligence / General Center and Kazema Prison in Al-Kazema, to make them human shields at all locations that are expected to be attacked by the American aggressors. Put them in communication locations and essential ministries, radio and television, Military Industrial Commissions, and all other locations expected to be attacked by the criminal Anglo-American aggressors.
Transporting them should be in coordination with:
Intelligence Services Directorate
Republican Guard Chief of Staff
Under direct supervision of the Special Security Organization / Organization Security

Qusai Saddam Hussein
of the Republican Guard Secretariat
March 14, 2003

A copy to:
Intelligence Service Directorate / Office of the Director
Republican Guard Chief of Staff / Office of the Chief of Staff

From Foreign Military Studies Office Joint Reserve Intelligence Center.

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