Friday, April 21, 2006

Hamas Appointment Reaffirms Terrorist Roots

Hopes held by some that Hamas' new responsibilities as the elected government of the Palestinian Authority would civilize the terrorist organization fade a little more each day.

From Reuters:
GAZA (Reuters) - A militant leader appointed to a senior security position in the Hamas-led Palestinian government said on Friday he would not abandon the fight against Israel which has long sought to kill him.

Jamal Abu Samhadana, high on Israel's most wanted list as leader of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), was appointed on Thursday to supervise the Interior Ministry and set up a new police force from militants to crack down on anarchy and chaos.

"Factions and security services should unite in one trench against the daily Israeli aggression against our people," Abu Samhadana told Reuters in an interview.
In case there was any hope that high office and its responsibilities would mellow Samhadana:
"I will continue to hold the rifle and will pull the trigger whenever required to defend my people," he said.
As has become apparent from recent events, "defending" the Palestinian people still means killing Israelis in falafel houses.

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