Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Did She REALLY Say?

The slam so nice she said it twice.

Well, at least one thing is cleared up now. When the controversy first arose, I read a comment from someone who claimed to have been at Obama's speech. The commenter said he or she didn't hear Michelle say "really," before "proud." That modifier makes a big difference. You can understand how someone might feel restrained pride in America. I mean, that's a lot different than not ever having felt proud at all, right?

Relistening to the Breitbart version, there seems to be a glitch, and, while it appears she intends to say "really," the word doesn't come through. Breitbart posts the dateline for the video as Milwaukee, which is where the commenter claimed to have heard the speech. Problem solved; obviously there was a glitch with the sound system...except that the video caption disagrees with Breitbart's dateline. The video says "Madison," not "Milwaukee."

In fact, Michelle Obama gave the same speech twice in one day. The less damaging Madison version, that includes the word "really," is the one that the mainstream media are running with. And nobody is mentioning that there were two speeches.