Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Subtle Betrayal

In the previous post about the killings of 15 Iraqi National Guardsmen by the Islamist terrorist group Ansar al-Sunni, I chose to use the word "murder". My source, the Voice of America, used "execute" enclosed in quotation marks to indicate that Ansar al-Islam had used the word, but that VoA didn't consider it appropriate. Most of the mainstream media will use "execute" without quotation marks, as the Associated Press did here, where it was regurgitated by liberal website DailyKos.

Previously, I've parodied the inappropriate language used by most mainstream media outlets. Tragically, the parody is frighteningly close to the truth.

The effect of choosing to use inaccurate and misleading words is to lend legitimacy and authority to brutal terrorist organizations. A subtle, yet damaging betrayal, which will never be acknowledged by AP or DailyKos.