Saturday, January 22, 2005

Zarqawi Webcast Claims Israeli Troops in Iraq

Leader of "al-Jihad organization in Bilad al-Rafeydeen (Mesopotamia)" said that some 800 Israeli and Jordanian soldiers took part in the military campaign launched by the American forces against Falluja city in November.

The Jordanian al-Zarqawi said in a tape recording broadcast on Thursday on an Islamic website "this battle showed several military participation in the enemy backlines," noting that Jordanian army officers participated in drawing plans and the attack against the city. is the only source I could find reporting on the audiotape. Al Jazeera no longer mentions al-Zarqawi since declaring him a "myth".

It is extremely unlikely, to say the least, that Israeli troops are operating in Iraq. However, by alleging their presence, Zarqawi will be able to reinforce the myth of Zionist control of the US and inflame gullible Islamists.