Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ultra-Leftist Site May Have Terrorist Connections

While checking an apparent terrorist website, The Iraqi Resistance, for reactions to Sunday's historic vote in Iraq I noticed a link to Informationclearinghouse as an alternate download source for The Iraqi Resistance's main propaganda video.

Informationclearinghouse is without question far out on the lunatic fringe, but there is a profound difference between reporting "information" from terrorist sources and actually supplying resources to the terrorist movement. If Informationclearinghouse is willingly acting as a storage and download location for The Iraqi Resistance then its owner should be investigated.

I've contacted him to find out if he was aware of the link, and just how deeply involved he is with the Islamist terrorist movement.

Update: This cesspool is an alternate download site for The Iraqi Resistance as well. Informationclearinghouse keeps some strange and twisted company.