Monday, March 14, 2005

ABC Writers: Young Republicans Are Brainwashed Robots and Fox is the Devil

This is really a shame. The ABC lawyer show, Boston Legal, which seemed so promising when it spun off from The Practice, has been on a downward spiral for several episodes. The problem is clearly an immature writing staff suffering from PEST. Last night's show was simply awful. The dark, quirky humor of the first few episodes is gone, replaced by the same heavy-handed liberal preaching that marred Norman Lear's All in the Family.

First, one of the characters declared that Republicans are determined to abolish the Bill of Rights. Conservative character Denny Crane (who suffers from Alzheimer's), played by William Shatner, agreed - without a hint of sardonicism. This breathtakingly arrogant and naive (and unsupported) assertion was only the prelude to worse dialogue to come.

It seems that a Boston public school principal had installed devices in the school's televisions to block any Fox News broadcasts. A conservative student sued to have the devices removed. The principal argued that Fox's conservative bias fomented violence and discrimination against ethnic Arab students. Eventually, after much pointless dialogue involving unsubstantiated studies and documentaries, the judge reluctantly ordered the removal of the devices, whereupon the student thanked his lawyers, then added, "Your country thanks you." How chilling. Obviously, he has been programmed by Fox.

This liberal circle jerk was laughable in its hypocrisy. Viewers are expected to be outraged at the ridiculous assertion that Republicans oppose the Bill of Rights, while being equally outraged that a young conservative student successfully sues to defend...freedom of expression.

Now I realize that ABC is all pissy with Fox over the Wife Swap/Trading Spouses - SuperNanny/Nanny 911 who-came-up-with-the-show-first business, but it's time to clean house. Ditch the clueless twentysomethings and ex-hippie burnouts on your writing staffs. Your audience isn't as stupid as they think. Events like last night's episode of Boston Legal are an embarrassment.

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