Saturday, March 05, 2005

Italian "Hostage's" Car Was Speeding Toward Checkpoint

The Multinational Force in Iraq has issued its first official press release on the incident involving the car of alleged kidnap victim Giuliana Sgrena. It directly contradicts statements Sgrena has made:
One killed and two wounded at Baghdad check point
Baghdad, Iraq -- At approximately 8:55 p.m. on March 4, Coalition Forces assigned to the Multi-National Force-Iraq fired on a vehicle that was approaching a Coalition checkpoint in Baghdad at a high rate of speed. The recently freed Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena was an occupant in the vehicle and was apparently injured. It appears a second person in the automobile was killed. Ms. Sgrena is being treated by Coalition Force medical personnel. The incident is under investigation and additional details will be provided when they become available.
According to Yahoo News Sgrena has been making different claims:
Sgrena, who was interviewed by prosecutors at the hospital in Rome, denied that the car was speeding, news reports said.
Sgrena also seems to exhibit Stockholm Syndrome, or else was in collusion with her supposed "captors" all along.
Sgrena told colleagues from Il Manifesto, who met her plane, that her captors "never treated me badly," ANSA reported.
Being kidnapped at gunpoint is not being treated badly? Well, I suppose if the "kidnapping" were arranged for the purposes of propaganda and career-enhancement that would be true. Sgrena joins a growing number of borderline "journalists" who have allegedly been held hostage and released. Curiously, these folks are without any ransom or concessions being made to their supposed abductors.