Monday, April 18, 2005

Marla Finally Discovered Who the Real Terrorists Are

Marla Ruzicka died Saturday in a car bombing in Iraq, where she had been on and off since the March 2003 invasion began, conducting door-to-door surveys to determine the number of civilian casualties, friends and family said.
But Ruzicka had been a radical activist for much longer than that, receiving a "Courageous Resister" award in 1996 from "Refuse and Resist",
Jody Avirgan, Sarah Park, Marla Ruzicka and nearly fifty other high school students who traveled to Cuba in defiance of the US travel ban as part of a group organized by Global Exchange.
Ruzicka was quick to blame the US for civilian casualties, and gloss over the effects of terrorism.
"The last two years from Kabul to Baghdad, my time has been made up of rich experiences and intimate experiences with families harmed as a result of US military actions."
From "Marla's Journal"
I will be spending Thanksgiving in Iraq, observing the end of Eid in Baghdad with children like Ayat. Ayat's parents, Mohammad Kadhum Manssor and Hamdia Radhi Kadhum, were both killed in an accident involving a U.S. tank.
But important facts could be omitted at times. From Envirosagainst the war:
On the 24th of October, former teacher Mohammad Kadhum Mansoor, 59, and his wife, Hamdia Radhi Kadhum, 45, were traveling with their three daughters – Beraa, 21, Fatima, 8, and Ayat, 5 years old – when they were tragically run over by an American tank.

A small grenade was thrown at the tank, causing it to loose
[sic] control and veer onto the highway, over the family's small Volkswagen.
The most telling and ominous quote of all is this: one
"The last week I was warned not to go there because the pool is surrounded by glass windows- quite easy for a car bomb to go off on the main road outside. But I could not resist. I have been going everyday."
Take enough risks and, eventually, the universe makes you pay.

Via The Jawa Report.