Friday, June 24, 2005

Iraq Becoming Like Vietnam

Democrat and Media Efforts Successful in Lowering Troop Morale
The Democratic Party and its many house organs amongst the mainstream media are having a negative effect on the morale of troops serving in the Middle East, according to an American Forces Press Service news release.
By Sgt. 1st Class Doug Sample, USA
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, June 24, 2005 - Media reports that Americans are losing support for the war effort concern military leaders and troops serving abroad, the general responsible for troops in the Middle East said in congressional testimony here June 23.

Abizaid recently returned from the region, where he met with U.S. commanders in both Afghanistan and in Iraq. "It was interesting to me how many of our commanders and our troops ask me the question, 'Are we losing support at home?'" he said. A poll by CBS News on the organization's Web site shows the country is closely divided on the issue, with the percentage of Americans who say taking military action against Iraq was the right thing to do now at 45 percent. The poll shows 51 percent think the United States should have stayed out of Iraq.

Interestingly, Abizaid told the committee, he is asked the same question about U.S. commitment to the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan by those country's military leaders as well.

"Contrary to popular opinion, they want us there," he said. "They need us there. They appreciate our support, and they worry that we don't have the staying power to see the mission through.
Democratic tactics likening the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan to Vietnam are taking on a self-fulfilling note. While most Americans believe that South Vietnam was doomed and fell immediately after US troops left, those who have studied events following the withdrawal know that the South Vietnamese were betrayed by Congress when it cut off military aid to the South. Bandages were washed for reuse and soldiers were issued three rounds apiece. The Soviets had no such qualms regarding the North, and the fate of South Vietnam was sealed. The final North Vietnamese offensive used more armor than Hitler's Wehrmacht. We know these things from people who escaped. Our media turned their backs on the bloodbath that followed the North's victory.

Those of us who lived through the Vietnam era recall the relentless media campaign to mischaracterize nearly every major event of that war, up to and including reporting the Tet Offensive as a defeat for the US. In fact, the Viet Cong were nearly destroyed during Tet, and never again fielded a force above company strength. Incompetents and willing accomplices in the mainstream media made such propaganda victories possible.

The same disinformation techniques are on display today. GoogleNews actually reports propaganda sites uruknet and jihadunspun as "news sources".

One of the first steps to securing defeat in Vietnam was the deliberate lowering of troop morale through biased reporting and slanted polls. Many Vietnam vets are still bitter at the treatment they suffered at the hands of the American media and traitors within the popular culture. The intellectual progeny of these weasels are with us today.