Thursday, June 30, 2005

NBC News' Brian Williams: Founding Fathers "Terrorists"

This time Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News has gone too far. Reporting on the possibility that Iran's President-elect was one of the hostage-takers in 1979, Williams made the comment, "...and indeed, what would it matter? The Founding Fathers were certainly revolutionaries and might have been called 'terrorists' by the British Crown."

If anyone needed another example of the insanity of the liberal doctrine of moral and cultural equivalence, which came into fashion during the Cold War, this is it. It's actually less offensive for Williams to imply that our Founding Fathers were terrorists than it is for him to put them on a par with the bloodthirsty, unevolved barbarians who took over Iran in 1979.

Williams owes this country a sincere and abject apology.