Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blogger Apparently Fired for Supporting Second Amendment

Joe Huffman, who writes the blog The View From North Central Idaho, may have been fired because his employer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a government contractor, didn't like his views on the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. According to Huffman, he was terminated without cause and without any opportunity to defend himself. Huffman's full account of the incident can be read here:
With a two inch high stack of printouts from Huffman's websites in front of him, Sutherland and McMillan explained they had a problem with some of his postings, claiming that Huffman had released business and customer sensitive information on his blog. Huffman, who has a high level security clearance, had made indistinct statements about work on his blog. There was no classified information on any of his websites.

When Huffman asked for specific details about what was wrong, they refused specifics. He repeatedly ask for a copy of the printouts, but was only allowed to see the top page.
Huffman was able to identify the web pages scrutinized using his weblog. If the results of his investigation are true, it seems that Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has left itself wide open for a wrongful termination suit.

Via The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.