Monday, July 25, 2005

Guardian Fires Aslam, May Have Libeled Poor Dread Pundit Bluto

In an unattributed story on Friday, UK shrieking leftist paper The Guardian announced the firing of "journalist trainee" Dilpazier Aslam, and may have libeled this blog in the process:
Rightwing bloggers from the US, where the Guardian has a large online following, were behind the targeting last week of a trainee Guardian journalist who wrote a comment piece which they did not care for about the London bombings.
The story is a demonstration of the way the 'blogosphere' can be used to mount obsessively personalised attacks at high speed.
The Guardian then goes on to say that:
Perhaps the most extreme blog was posted by "dreadpundit", a right-wing New Yorker using the name "Bluto". He wrote: "Okay, Dilpazier, I've decided to bow to your 'logic' - sauce for the goose and all that. That's why I'm issuing a secular fatwah and asking for some loyal Briton to saw off your head and ship it to me (use Fed-Ex, please, so I can get a morning delivery, and do remember the dry ice, also, a videotape of the "execution")."
Whether the failure to print this disclaimer...
Disclaimer: I am not really interested in receiving the head of Dilpazier Aslam, nor do I advocate any act of violence against him. The spurious request is made to demonstrate via reductio ad absurdum that Aslam's logic is invalid, and, indeed, sophomoric in the extreme. This disclaimer is made because there is such an enormous number of imbeciles who advocate Leftist ideologies and who cannot be depended upon to recognize satirical comments. Forceps babies, each and every one of them.
...included in the post was deliberate or not is hard to say. It may just be the cursory way that many in the mainstream media typically scan blog entries. However, Scott Burgess of The Daily Ablution can't use that excuse for amplifying The Guardian's defamation on his own pompous and pretentious blog. Burgess's lack of proper rigor in researching his entry makes him an easy target for criticism, and rightly so.

Priggish and misinformed though young Mr. Burgess may be, I learned of the story through his blog: The Daily Ablution, when a reader alerted me via email.