Friday, July 15, 2005

A Jihad By Any Other Name Would Still Smell Like Ass

Lawyers for accused Islamic Jihad backer Sami al-Arian today raised questions about the accuracy of FBI translations of taped phone conversations. At one point they argued that "jihad" can mean "striving for a goal" - it's all in the context.

So, when al-Arian was taped saying, "Thus is the way of jihad. Thus is the way of martyrdom. Thus is the way of blood, because this is the path to heaven," he was simply talking about striving to reach a goal.

Of course. It's all clear now. The cowardly terrorists of Islamic Jihad aren't really evil babyhunters; they're simply "striving for a goal". And if al-Arian is convicted, when the judge says "life in prison" he really means "dude, you're set for life".

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