Friday, July 15, 2005

Military Releases New Details on Captured Suicide Bomber

An American Forces Press Service release explains how one of three suicide bombers was captured alive yesterday in Baghdad. The terrorists' plan was to attack emergency responders after the initial detonation.
Two bombers with explosives strapped to their bodies approached a coalition forces checkpoint in central Baghdad shortly before 9 a.m., after a car bomb exploded about 200 meters outside the same checkpoint.

Initially, the two suicide bombers were in front of the car that exploded, then they began walking toward the Iraqi police and Iraqi army soldiers who were responding to the car bomb. U.S. military officials said they suspect the two bombers might have been targeting the first responders to the car-bomb attack.

An Iraqi soldier shot one suicide bomber, and, as the bomber fell to the ground, his explosives detonated.

Shrapnel from that explosion wounded the second suicide bomber.

"The (Iraqi) soldiers were about to pick him up and treat him like one of the wounded but then they noticed that he was wearing a suicide vest," said Maj. Alayne Conway, 4th Brigade Combat Team spokesperson.

That bomber was then shot by the (Iraqi police) and put in the back of a nearby pick-up truck until an Iraqi explosive ordnance detonation team could arrive to disarm the vest, rendering the area safe and preventing further casualties.
The wounded suicide bomber is paralyzed and in critical condition. Perhaps Allah will allow him to survive for a few years in his paralytic state in order to contemplate his sins.