Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rice Aides, NBC's Andrea Mitchell, Roughed Up By Sudanese

I know this sounds like a skit from Saturday Night Live, but apparently, it's true. From the Associated Press:
NEW YORK -- Andrea Mitchell said she felt angry and humiliated after Sudanese bodyguards dragged her out of a room Thursday for questioning President Omar el-Bashir about his involvement in the country's violence.

Large, gun-toting guards painfully wrenched the 5-foot-3 Mitchell's arm behind her. She was freed after U.S. officials accompanying Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice complained.

"Can you tell us why the violence is continuing?" Mitchell asked, as a Sudanese official said "no, no, no, please."

"Can you tell us why the government is supporting the militias?" she asked.

After getting no reply from el-Bashir, she asked, "Why should Americans believe your promises?"

It was then that she was forcibly removed.
But don't worry. Later, Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail phoned Condoleeza Rice to apologize.