Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Taking Out the Eurotrash

I received an email today from a British college professor about this post criticizing Soumayya Ghannoushi's recent propaganda effort for al-Jazeera. I promised the prof that I wouldn't print his real name. I'll refer to him using the pseudonym "Josef Goebbels" to preserve the ethnic heritage (and its irony) of his real name.

I read your response to Soumayya Ghannoushi's article.
I am not a Muslim and I am teaching at a college in
London, after 9/11 no one im my class had any
associations between terrorism and the muslim world,...
Are you kidding me, Josef? Al Qaeda announced their guilt. Were your students so dimwitted that they didn't realize that al Qaeda is a Muslim organization that bases its actions on their own interpretation of the Quran? Or did they subscribe to that ludicrous French conspiracy theory that claimed the Pentagon wasn't struck by a plane?
...everybody thought that the US has to blame itself and
is probably the greatest export of violence, it's
military, film, etc. since then the US has lost in
most peoples mind's the status as a civilised nation.
Obviously, based upon the scatter-brained language used in your post, you teach neither English, History, nor Philosophy, Professor Goebbels.

Here's what the woman you are supposedly defending said on the same subject: "Through their senseless crimes, Islam, in the minds of most, has become a euphemism for mass slaughter and destruction." I guess you just didn't think that sentence fragment through very carefully, did you?
US and Israel are connected 'scum' states.
As a dog returneth to his vomit, so this ethnic German college professor returneth to his anti-Semitism.
Now we are
to believe that the export of violence is a muslim
Yes. Yes, you are. And you can go back to the 1972 Munich Olympics (probably about ten years before you were born, from the reasoning ability demonstrated so far) for the first act of modern terrorism. Quick quiz: who perpetrated the murder of the Jewish athletes?
...you are a good one to talk after all being a US citizen...
Yes, Josef, the US Constitution gives me that right. You, however, are a good one to talk about Israel being a "scum nation", you being descended from Nazis, and all.
...the only response you have is a violent one,...
What is "violent" about an article posted on a blog? Or are you referring to the American response to 9/11? The measured response that uprooted al Qaeda's base of operations and, just by the way, overthrew a violent and repressive Muslim government?
...if the muslim world was peaceful the US still would be
an aggessive nation, but if the US was a peaceful
state that would make a huge difference.
I just can't stand your mangled English any more and, as an aside, I will point out to you that hypotheticals call for the subjunctive case. Thus, the correct phrasing of your...thought...for lack of a better word is: "if the muslim world were peaceful". Of course, I'd also like to helpfully point out that you have just demolished your own thesis by admitting that the Muslim world isn't peaceful. I'll also point out that if the US were an "aggressive nation", a lot of things would be different. For instance, your Fuhrer would have been cut off at the pass early on. Neville Chamberlain, Shmeville Chamberlain, Berlin would have been bombed in the thirties. And nobody would have told General Patton, "Sorry George, the Soviets are our allies. You can't roll on to Moscow."
As a US
citizen you should make yourself strong for peace,
No worries, there mate, that's being done. Peace through strength is one lesson that a majority of Yanks have learned. Perhaps if you, and others of your detestable ilk, continue to inflame Muslim passions and excuse cowardly baby-hunters, thereby contributing to more terrorist incidents, Mecca will experience the perfect peace of Carthage. Go ahead and look that one up, pinhead. I'll wait.