Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ted Rall is Morally Retarded

And, apparently, mentally retarded as well. Certainly, he is ethically challenged and devoid of even a basic concept of logic.

How else to explain the intellectually bankrupt editorial that appeared on Tuesday with Rall's name attached?

The actual piece is long and tedious (visit the link if you're an insomniac), highlighting Ted's failings as a writer, with a clichéd and sophomoric message telegraphed by the subtitle, Americans Cheer Fictional Insurgents, Real-Life Invaders.

Ted hypothesizes an invasion of the United States by Iceland. Here's an excerpt that tells you everything you need to know:
The humiliation is total. Icelandic forces pass out decks of cards depicting the faces of former senators, governors and generals. They shoot deposed leader George W. Bush's twin daughters and air images of their bloody, mutilated faces on state television. They print photos of Bush, haggard and obviously abused in his secret prison, wearing nothing but underwear.
Yes, Ted is still trying to paint up that tired old tart, Moral Equivalence.

Ted sees no difference between the Bush twins and Uday and Qusay Hussein. No difference between President Bush and Saddam Hussein. No difference between Tariq Aziz and Scott McClellan. No difference between Chemical Ali and Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NYC).

Well Ted, there is a difference - a profound one. One large part of that difference is that you're allowed to think and write the things that you do without fear of arrest, or imprisonment, or death.

The only thing you really have to fear is that your primary audience won't be stuck at an average mental age of fifteen forever.