Friday, November 04, 2005

French Interior Minister: "Riots Not Spontaneous"

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy stated publicly that the violent riots plaguing Paris suburbs for the past eight days are "organized".

From The Drudge Report:
French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday that the riots in several Paris suburbs over the previous night were "not spontaneous" but rather "well organized."

"What we saw in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis overnight was not spontaneous, it was perfectly organized. We are looking into by whom and how," Sarkozy told French news channel i-tele.
Though usually referred to as "youths" and "immigrants" in the mainstream press, it appears that the rioters are mostly Muslims. That alone should raise some hackles and prompt Sarkozy to want to find out "why" as well as "by whom and how". Especially since there are riots happening simultaneously in Denmark (though very few English-language reports are available).

Let's hope that these riots are not cover for some nasty surprise.