Friday, November 11, 2005

We Are All French Today

And so it begins. What many of us thought of as a purely American media tendency to portray police or soldiers as villains while exalting criminals and terrorists is a French sport, as well.

TF1, the television channel, showed a young Arab on the outskirts of Lyons objecting politely about the insulting manner of an officer who had demanded his identity papers.
"You want me to take you to a transformer?" the officer sneers back, referring to the electricity station where two teenagers were electrocuted while fleeing an identity check.

The incident sparked the riots.
[merde de boeuf - Bluto]

"We don't give a shit if your estate calms down," said the officer, using the disrespectful "tu" rather than "vous".

"In fact, the more it gets f...ed up the happier we are."
Just when the French thought the Intifada was quieting down, a French Kevin Sites has decided to heat things up again. So a cop, who has probably been on duty for days, got fed up with a smartass remark from some arrogant pimple farmer. This minor incident needs to be reported all over the world ( is an Australian outlet) and used as justification for the Muslim insurrection in Europe? No wonder the US has to step in and save these effeminate jackasses time after time.

A little further on we get some insight into why a cop in France might be a wee bit on edge:
"Casser les keufs" - beating up cops - is what they like doing best, say the young wreckers.

"We torch a car and when the keufs turn up, the fun starts," a teenager said with typical bravado at a northeast Paris estate.
When no cops are available perhaps these little chameaux sales might get into a little "casser les journalistes". Then you can bet you'll see editorials demanding a more aggressive police presence.