Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Tale of Two Lawsuits

Jay at Stop the ACLU sends word of two separate, and disgraceful, lawsuits.

First, ACLU lawyers are suing the government for barring Tariq Ramadan, a "scholar" from Switzerland, from entering the US. It might have something to do with Ramadan's ties to Islamist groups...and the fact that he was banned from entering France on suspicion of ties to Algerian terrorists. Read about this one here.

That's right. Not only does the ACLU not want the government intercepting terrorist communications to agents within the United States, now they want us to let the terrorists' recruiters in, too. ROTC should hire the ACLU.

For your further edification, Jay reports that psycopathic mass-murderer Saddam Hussein's lawyers are helping him file suit against the United States for "destroying Iraq". Read about this pathetic travesty here.

And don't you dare question their patriotism!

Also posted at The Jawa Report and Vince Aut Morire.