Monday, February 20, 2006

O! My Brothers and Sisters! I Sing the Jellyfish Uncaged!

Would that my powers of parody were such that I could create from my mind the discussion that follows. Alas! It is all true! Praise be to the Goddess Gaea that such sensitive young folk are poised to carry on for us.

Kenseahorse 2/9/06 10:49 PM
Today my friends and I got into a huge debate about Jellyfish rights. They don't seem to think Jellyfish care if they are locked up in an aquarium. I didn't see that it was fair, eyes or not, to pluck some amazing creatures from their homes for human's amusement. Okay, maybe I was a little freakish, I just want to know if anyone else knew something about the subject.

sallywithoutajack 2/9/06 11:01 PM
I don't know anything about that, but they are animals with thoughts, feelings, and their own personalities. They may not be as smart as us, but they shouldn't be treated like crap. I don't think they would appriciate living in an aquarium for entertainment.

Maffers87 2/9/06 11:13 PM
I think that every living creature on this planet has rights. It's as simple as that. We have no right to take advantage of someone.

Rain4Rent 2/9/06 11:44 PM
I don't think that the jelly fish mind being locked up. They usually have fairly large tanks. I don't think they realize that they aren't home. They might be like goldfish, who can only remeber for three seconds. But you never know, they might be horrible depressed.

freezingslushie 2/10/06 1:18 AM
Every living creature has rights-even jellyfish

perception 2/10/06 7:44 AM
I get so tired of hearing peoples prejudice views. If you dont believe in animal rights why the heck are you here>? It does not matter how important we think this creature is, or wether it even feels pain or not (or has a brain)! The fact is it's a living being with as much right to live as us.

King Cobra 2/10/06 7:51 AM
Jellyfish most definately have rights... even though they are an invertebrate, they have a main nerve ring and touch receptors that allows them to feel things, including pain.

Perfidy 2/10/06 9:33 AM
I don't see why jellyfish are different than any other animals. And I am definately against confining wild animals in small spaces just for human entertainment. Everybody seems to think that animals that live in water aren't as smart as other animals, but they probably are. And even if they aren't, does that give us the right to put them in an aquarium that is completely different than their natural environment just for our own amusement. It doesn't seem right to decide that it's ok to confine them just because they aren't as smart as we are.

michelle25 2/10/06 9:34 AM
jellyfish should also have rights; they are animals too!

miss lotus 2/10/06 11:48 AM
I agree with what perception wrote.

I am against using any animal for any form of 'entertainment.'

beatingheartbaby2 2/10/06 12:14 PM
as perception said, if you dont believe that every animal has rights, then why are you here? jellyfish may not be as intelligent (and yes, they may even be like gold fish and only remember for 3 seconds) but they are still animals and should be recognized as more than just a form of amusment for humans

Niru 2/10/06 12:18 PM
Even organisms like Clams have feelings!

GherkinLuva 2/10/06 3:38 PM
A friend of mine told me that jelly is made from jellyfish. I don't know if it's true or not but I can't bring myself to eat jelly anymore.

Glassonion2006 2/10/06 4:11 PM
^ ^ ^ i don't know if you mean strawberry jam or grape jelly but, no they are NOT made of jelly fish (except in that spongebob cartoon) lol

blkmetlxhxc 2/10/06 4:17 PM
jellyfish are animals...they shouldnt be treated terribly for man's enjoyment

xRockxAngel3x 2/10/06 4:53 PM
I think that they have rights but don't just let them sting you, it's like bees, if they're hurting you you try to get them away from you.
Many thanks to reader Jan Z. aka The Dutchman.

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