Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Taliban Freshman

From the Telegraph (UK):
The last time Rahmatullah Hashemi came to Yale, it was March 2001 and he was a Taliban spokesman in a turban and Afghan tunic, singing the praises of his fundamentalist masters.

Five years on, and Mr Rahmatullah, 27, is in his first year as a student at the Ivy League university whose illustrious list of alumni begins with the present and previous two US presidents.
Is this a foolish and futile exercise in inclusion or a great way to expose our enemies to our culture?
"You have to be reasonable to live in America," Mr Rahmatullah said. "Everything here is based on reason. Back home, you have to talk about religion and culture and you can win any argument if you bring up the Islamic argument."
Time will tell.

Via Neocon Express.