Friday, March 03, 2006

It's 1984 in the Democratic Underground

This is how the folks at the Democratic Underground dealt with a Marine, just returned from Iraq, who began revealing uncomfortable truths about US troop morale, Iraqi troop readiness, and the absence of white phosphorous atrocities and depleted uranium.

Dummie Funnies covered the action; go there to read the thread, with commentary, or visit it in the raw, here. The Marine's posting name is Sad Little Pony. Sample:
I can answer all questions. I just might not give you the answers you are looking for. My view over there was pretty mypoic. I was in Fallujah, and elsewhere in Anbar. I found Fallujah to be a very interesting city. Now that I'm home, I'm going to study the ancient history. It did not "suck beyond belief". It was dangerous. I saw unpleasant things. But I also saw inspiring acts. Lives saved. The little girls are the cutest, brightest things on this planet. Their future in that Wahabi Town is not promising, though.
DU moderators evidently became alarmed at the direction the thread was taking; they "tombstoned" the thread - marked it as possibly seditious.

Then moderator sparosnare locked Sad Little Pony out, disabling his profile and bringing the thread to an abrupt end.

Sad Little Pony, thank you and glad you're home safe. Sir, you're welcome here anytime, to say what you please.

Via The Jawa Report.