Friday, March 10, 2006

Maybe You Can Join the Pirate Fleet

*Non-pirate talk version below

Matey, d'ye burn to carry the light of reason to the benighted libby masses at their own internet ports o' call? Have ye held yer fire and sheathed yer cutlass, knowin' that ye'd be swarmed by mindless moonbats chanting the Bushitlerburton mantra? Ye bin waitin' fer a better day.

Yarr, yer day is here.

Just sign on to The Pirate Fleet and ye be guaranteed t'have stout mates at yer back.

The Pirate Fleet will give ye yer targets and a crew o' fellow buccaneers to guard yer flanks whilst ye board the fat galleons o' the Leftie merchant fleet. All set up by email sose the lefties won't see yer comin'.

Go here ter read The Pirate's Code and sign up.

Bloggers - d'ye wants ter hoist the Jolly Roger an' set sail with The Pirate Armada? Email me ter get this icon ter display on yer site and be added ter the The Pirate Armada blogroll.

* The Pirate Fleet will be a fun way to post on liberal sites, knowing that you have a few friends along to back you up. If you've ever posted a comment at a hard left site, you know that the regulars there like to swarm you and change the subject, curse, and throw insults. After you join the Fleet you'll be offered the chance to go on planned "raids", organized via email, with a group of like-minded fellow "pirates".

Bloggers can sign on to support the Fleet by joining The Pirate Armada and displaying the icon and blogroll. You're also encouraged to organize your own raids, as long as everyone follows The Pirate's Code.