Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Pirate's Code

Matey, d'ye burn to carry the light of reason to the benighted libby masses at their own internet ports o' call? Have ye held yer fire and sheathed yer cutlass, knowin' that ye'd be swarmed by mindless moonbats chanting the Bushitlerburton mantra? Ye bin waitin' fer a better day.

Yarr, yer day is here.

Just sign on to The Pirate Fleet and ye be guaranteed t'have stout mates at yer back.

The Pirate Fleet will give ye yer targets and a crew o' fellow buccaneers to guard yer flanks whilst ye board the fat galleons o' the Leftie merchant fleet. All set up by email sose the lefties won't see yer comin'.

The Pirate's Code

As a buccaneer in The Pirate Fleet you are required to follow the Code. If you get banned from a Leftist site, let it be because they're afraid of your ideas; don't give them an excuse. Of course The Pirate Fleet will happily post about all unjustified bannings.

1. No unnecessary profanity or obscenity.
2. No personal insults or threats.
3. Stay on topic.
4. Tell no lies.
5. Back up your mates.
6. Pirate posting names are allowed, but not "sock puppets"*.

* Using a sock puppet means posting under two or more identities at the same time, in the same forum. It's cheating, and site moderators will be able to tell that you're doing it.

If you agree to abide by the Code and think that The Pirate Fleet is for you, send me an email at and tell me why you're a likely raider and include a link to a post or two you're proud of - we doesn't want any scurvy moonbat moles, ye ken? You'll get your targets via email, once a minimum number o' freebooters commits to a mission. Then we'll post about yer successful raids in the Fleet Dispatches, available to all the blogs in The Pirate Armada.

Bloggers who want to join The Pirate Armada are likewise bound by the Code, and must display the Armada icon (linking to this post) and maintain the armada blogroll.

150 and 200 pixel sizes available

Welcome aboard, mateys!

Bluto, Grand Admiral of The Pirate Armada