Monday, March 27, 2006

President Wrong on Immigration Issue

From Reuters:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush, warned the U.S. Congress against fearmongering on Monday as the Senate tackled immigration reform, an issue that has split his Republican party and spurred huge protests.

"No one should play on people's fears or try to pit neighbors against each other," he said. "No one should pretend that immigrants are a threat to American identity, because Americans have shaped America's identity."
The estimated 12 million illegals represent an unacceptable drain on America's social services, and a biological hazard in the spread of diseases like tuberculosis, polio, and all forms of hepatitis. Illegals using emergency rooms as primary care facilities have forced the closing of overwhelmed ERs.

The only fearmongering going on was accomplished over the weekend when a coalition of socialist and anarchist organizers succeeded in getting hundreds of thousands of illegals to thumb their noses at US law by taking to the streets.