Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hizballah Hijacks Internet Service From Texas ISP

Thanks to Chad Evans at In the Bullpen

Hizballah's propaganda wing, Al Manar TV, hijacked the service of a customer of Broadwing Communications, a Texas Internet Service Provider:
Broadwing Communications essentially threw Hezbollah off of the Internet this week. It came after the discovery that terror propaganda was linking to the company's network.

In an exclusive interview, Broadwing executives told us how Al Manar TV, the propaganda arm of the Lebanese terror organization was able to get on the Internet. It was done by hijacking the Web service of one of Broadwing's customers linking Al Manar to a Broadwing Internet address.

"Our customer had absolutely no relationship to Al Manar. And neither did we," Dillon said.

Terror experts say Al Manar's Web site is key to Hezbollah's fundraising, recruiting and communication. After being disconnected by Broadwing, they say it's already popped back up through India, but appears to have been shut right back down.
Not only terrorist scum, but cheap terrorist scum.

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