Friday, September 15, 2006

Did This Al Qaeda Terrorist Try to Rent a House in Texas?

A regular reader of The Jawa Report, for which I also write, sent an email indicating that she may have come in contact with Adnan G. El Shukrijumah. Shukrijumah is suspected of wanting to set off a "dirty bomb" in the United States.

From the email:
He came to my community looking for a house to rent earlier this year!
He was very nervous and when I asked for an ID, he showed me a Mexican Consular ID! He refused to fill out a visitor's card. I went to make a copy of it and he took it back from me. Took it from my hand. Most apartment complexes require a copy of ID to show an apartment. I deal with quite a few Hispanics and this guy was NOT hispanic. The skin coloring was wrong, the nose was too big (hispanics have a tendency to have flatter noses and facial structures) and the main thing: this guy spoke PERFECT english! Almost everyone that I have dealt with that comes in with consular IDs require an interpreter! He followed me to a house (Don't recall what he was driving), I showed him inside the home, but he did not seem interested in the house. Instead, he walked the perimiter to see how close the neighboring homes were, checked to see if you could hear anything from inside the home from outside in the yard. He refused to come back to the office to get an application, got in his vehicle and left. Just very odd! It stuck in my mind because it was such a strange encounter. My assistant AND my daughter were in the office when he came in initially. They both recognized the picture, without my prompting (I had them look at it to be certain).( I sent the photo to my assistant late last night, with no other information. She had no idea what it was. First thing she said this morning was: That picture, wasn't that the weird guy that came in early this year?) I called the FBI today and reported it. They kept going returning to question as to whether I was sure it was a consular ID. I am familiar with them because my company requires a valid STATE ID, the consular ID is not considered valid identification. They concurred that is was most likely the guy they were looking for.
The incident has been reported to the FBI, who are investigating. The reader also passed this information on to Ace of Spades.

El Shukrijumah had previously been spotted in Honduras.