Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dog the Bounty Hunter Loses His Ankle Bracelet

Duane "Dog" Chapman has been temporarily released from his ankle bracelet in order to travel to New York.

From KITV (Hawaii):
HONOLULU -- TV reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman had his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet removed on Thursday in Honolulu for a trip to New York.

Chapman's out on bail while international criminal charges are pending.

Defense attorney Brook Hart said a judge agreed to temporarily free the star of the popular A E show "Dog The Bounty Hunter" of the ankle bracelet so he can attend previously scheduled public appearances on the East Coast.
Amazing. Mexico is absolutely rabid to prosecute Dog the Bounty Hunter for capturing a vicious rapist in that country and bringing him to face justice in the US. Evidently, Dog insulted their sense of national sovereignty (or didn't offer a large enough bribe).

Yet Mexico refers to America as a "receptor country" that should just shut the hell up about the millions of illegal aliens Mexico exports to us.