Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shockingly Dishonest Washington Post Headline

Even for the mainstream media, which, by its own people's admission, long ago sold any pretext of journalistic objectivity down the river, the headline that accompanies this sales pitch for Bob Woodward's new book is a stunning lie: "White House Disputes Book's Report of Anti-Rumsfeld Moves".

While any reasonable reader would expect to find a story about the Bush administration's response to the charges in WaPo reporter Woodward's recent election season political attack book against the Republicans, WaPo staff writer Peter Baker has actually written a thinly veiled sales pitch for Woodward's book.

Baker's "news report" never details any Bush administration response to Woodward's book until the eleventh paragraph where it quotes press secretary Tony Snow; then follows that immediately with quotes from Democrat Nancy Pelosi. I'm still trying to figure out what position Pelosi holds in the White House.