Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reconstructing Vietnam

Ultimately, that's what the Foley scandal is a part of, stumbling into another Vietnam. The Left and the Democratic Party are so heavily invested in our defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan that they will have to withdraw our troops in order to maintain power. Emboldened, just as in Mogadishu in 1993, our enemies will follow us home.

You see, Vietnam wasn't lost on the battlefield, though many of you are probably too young to remember what went down, and have been duly indoctrinated by the NEA.

Vietnam was lost in the halls of Congress, mainly because conservatives who knew better finally caved to the twin assaults of the anti-war Left and the nascent advocacy journalism movement. How many of you knew that, in our "defeat" during the Tet Offensive the Viet Cong, those black-pajamaed folk heroes of the Left, were virtually annihilated, never able to muster a force above company strength after their losses in Tet?

How many of you know that the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, the ARVN, had taken over their country's defense, that the last American combat soldiers had been withdrawn, long before the end of the war? What happened? Congressional liberals, triumphant after the successful propaganda campaign that brought them to power, decided that our former allies should get not one more penny in military aid. ARVN troops were sent into the field with three rounds apiece while their medics washed bandages to be reused. That's what they had with which to face the Soviet-supported North, who swept into South Vietnam with more armor than the Wehrmacht sent into Poland.

Thus was the sacrifice of 58,000 American dead negated. Thus began the real horror, and the bloodbaths in southeast Asia, while the American Press averted their gaze from the millions who died in the aftermath. It took decades for our military to recover from this betrayal. They still don't trust the Press, even reporters from Stars and Stripes.

Now the intellectual progeny of those faithless ones would repeat the Vietnam debacle in the Middle East. And this time the consequences will be even graver for us, and the American Press will not be able to avert their gaze when the Islamic terrorists follow us home. The bloodbath will be right here.

That's shameful enough. What's worse is that people who should know better, people who call themselves conservatives and Republicans are willing to lie down and play dead in the face of this Foley October surprise.

This isn't a time for pettiness and spite. This is a time to stand up and be counted.