Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Something Juicy Is About to Hit the Fan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [emphasis added]

*Passionate **America** to Release Identity of a Person Rep. Foley Instant

**Oklahoma City, OK – October 3, 2006

William Kerr a writer for Passionate America has discovered the identity of the one of the persons that Representative Mark Foley communicated with in instant messages. The information was found on a public website while Mr. Kerr was researching the Representative Foley scandal. Mr. Kerr is finalizing the story and will present his findings on October 4th, 2006 at 4pm Central Time. The story will be published at Passionate America and will be discussed on The Passionate America Show on www.wideawakesradio.com at 4pm central time. Mr. Kerr will explain how he discovered this information and how anyone could have found it. There is the possibility that this story will not be well received by the some major news media. Mr. Kerr's evidence has been checked by many people to be accurate.