Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wonkette, Gawker Pwned: Another 'Fake But Accurate' Embarrassment

"Wonkette", once written by a woman obssessed with anal sex, but now a creepy online transvestite freak show, has been badly burned by one of its sources.

Wonkette bit big on this photo-shopped picture supposedly showing Michelle Malkin in a bikini in 1992. The shemales running Wonkette then apparently encouraged Wonkette affiliate Gawker to run the faux photo as well, some seven hours after Malkin informed them that the photo had been altered. Lord knows why they had to be notified; a reasonably savvy junior high school kid would have noticed the out-of-scale head at first glance.

Even more shameful for both blogs, neither has backed off since Michelle discovered that the photo was stolen from a woman's webshots account.