Friday, October 06, 2006

YouTube Rejects Anti-Terrorist Video

At Michelle Malkin's public request, I uploaded her video "First They Came" to my Youtube user account.

This is the result (click to enlarge):

The video was rejected for "terms of use" violation. I have demanded an explanation from YouTube via a press inquiry and will update, if they have anything to say for themselves.

You can still find the video here.

Update: Google to buy YouTube?
From the Associated Press:
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Internet search leader Google Inc. is in talks to acquire the popular online video site YouTube Inc. for about $1.6 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing a person familiar with the matter.
Thanks to a tip from L.S. Mope, Imperial Pork Purveyor, Imperial Liaison Officer, Master Infidel and Lowly Knave.

Update II: Wearyman reports that he has tried to upload the video four times, using different titles, and has had it rejected each time. It appears that YouTube is making a conscious effort to block this particular video.