Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kerry Unapologizes, Reinsults Troops, Fellow Democrats

Apparently still stuck in a sixties timewarp, John Kerry's official website is now saying, "It doesn't matter. Kerry was right either way.":
Although there are plenty of well-educated people in our armed forces -- Kerry was one of them -- military service has long been an opportunity employer for those with less education and fewer skills than they need to work in the private sector. Indeed, the military sells itself as a place to garner skills and to help pay for higher education.

And wars, including this one, are often fought by those less privileged -- albeit no less smart -- than the sons and daughters of those who lead us into them.

Apologies? Sure, from the cut-and-run Democratic candidates who've cancelled appearances with Kerry.
I guess Kerry's point is that the military should cut back on pay, benefits, and educational assistance, so that the stupid, underprivileged victims sucked into the war machine's maw will decide to join the Peace Corps instead.

This whole flap exposes Kerry and his many supporters on the Left, as thinking deep down that military service is somehow shameful, and beneath young people unless they have "...less education and fewer skills."

Kerry seems to be trying to re-live his glory days when he stabbed his comrades in the back, testifying before Congress that they were war criminals. This revolting act of betrayal was, in fact, cynically used by Kerry to enter the political world.

Via Stop the ACLU.