Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brits Arrest Six Radical Islamists: Names Posted at Islamist Forum

Courtesy of The Jawa Report

From the BBC, six followers of radical sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed arrested.

UPDATE EXCLUSIVE: An Islamist forum connected with Omar Bakri Mohammed, and previously exposed here at The Jawa Report, has listed the names of the six terror suspects arrested today. Many of the names seemed mispelled, but here is how the forum listed them:

Abu Izzadeen from London
Abdul Haqq from London
Sulayman Keeler from London
Abu Muwaheed from London
Omar Zaheer from west London
Rajib Jhan (Khan) from Luton

All are followers of radical exiled cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed. The message also claimed those arrested were "victims of the British crusade", urged Muslims to pray for their release, and prayed that Allah would curse the kuffar (unbeliever).

The Jawa Report has exclusive coverage here and here.