Friday, April 20, 2007

Letters to Harry "Benedict" Reid From the Troops

Michelle Malkin has posted letters from Americans serving in the military in response to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's recent despicable comments. All perceived Reid's verbal diarrhea as yet another knife in the back from the American Left.

Here's a sample from 1SG Steven G. Cotton:
This loss will be compared to Vietnam, as you wish, but the loss will not be mine. It will be yours. It will be Speaker Pelosi's. It will be the Democrats' loss, forever and ever. In fact, since the Democrats' conceded defeat in both Iraq and Vietnam when we were winning militarily, the only Vietnam parallel you will likely achieve is how the Democrats so readily accept defeat.
He's correct in the parallel to Vietnam. And it wasn't enough for congressional traitors to arrange an ignominious retreat. After the US withdrawal, South Vietnamese forces held off their Communist enemies until Congress, in its wisdom, cut off all funding. ARVN faced the massive invasion from the North, washing used bandages for re-use and with three or four rounds per soldier. Today's Democrats would be overjoyed to arrange the same thing in Iraq today.

Go and read them all.