Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PBS Muzzling Moderate Muslim Auteur

Via Drudge, The Arizon Republic reports that "Islam vs. Islamists," a film about the conflict between moderate Muslims and radicals, has been dropped from the heavily promoted PBS series "Crossroads."

PBS executives fear of radical Muslim reaction to the film has led them to some bizarre behavior, even by PBS standards, including demanding the firing of consultants to the project because of their political views, and pre-screening parts of the film to...radical Muslims. The radicals threatened to sue.

While the producer has now gone public with allegations of bias at PBS, PBS execs are busily trying to polish this turd:
The problems that the PBS-WETA producers had with Islam vs. Islamists are complex. On The Arizona Republic's news pages today, reporter Dennis Wagner details many of those issues.

But much of their hostility seems to boil down to this: They could not bring themselves to declare people like Jasser "moderate" because that would mean criticizing the fundamentalists whom the Jassers of the world oppose.

As the PBS producers affirmed time and again in their letters and e-mails, who is an Islamic "extremist" and who is a "moderate" depends entirely on which side of the street you're standing. In large part, it is about "context."
Here's a clue for intellectually challenged PBS executives. This is a radical: