Friday, October 26, 2007

Liberal Whackjob: Spam is a Vast, Rightwing Conspiracy

We all get them. Unsolicited emails with huge recipient lists that describe improbable events and never have any supporting links. Most people just delete them. Maybe you'll visit snopes to debunk an especially intriguing one, but that's about as far as it goes.

But to Christopher Hayes, a rather untalented devotee of Josef Goebbels, at The Nation, it's all being orchestrated by the evil neocons:
We've all become familiar with the ways the Republican noise machine transmits lurid bits of misinformation and tendentious attacks from the conservative fringe into the heart of American political discourse, the process by which a slightly misdelivered joke by John Kerry attracts the ire of Rush Limbaugh and ends up on the front page of the New York Times.
I've heard of it too. It's called, "the Bill of Rights." But maybe Hayes is exercised about something really, really subversive:
"It's a Pandora's box," says Jim Kennedy, who served as Clinton's communications director during her first Senate term. "Once [the charges] are out in the ether, they are very hard to combat. It's very unlike a traditional media, newspaper or TV show, or even a blog, which at least has a fixed point of reference. You know they're traveling far and wide, but there's no way to rebut them with all the people that have seen them."
Hayes is convinced that they're all coordinated by some shadowy rightwing master propagandist, probably under the direct supervision of Karl Rove, transcribing each and every message as it is dictated from Hitler's preserved brain.

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