Thursday, October 25, 2007

Salon's Favorite Hypocrite: Glenn Greenwald

Thank Heavens that Glenn Greenwald, lawyer by the grace of God and sock puppeteer by dint of stupidity, agreed to valiantly come off vacation to fly into a frothing snit and launch a new conspiracy theory in defense of the tattered shreds of The New Republic's reputation.

As you may recall, yesterday, Drudge posted documents exposing lies by the editors of The New Republic in the Scott Thomas Beauchamp phony correspondent controversy. Beauchamp had written faked and grossly exaggerated stories for TNR under a pseudonym. The document posted by Drudge included Army investigative reports and a transcript of a telephone conversation between Beauchamp and TNR editor Franklin Foer.

Shrieking like a bull mouse, Greenwald prances to the attack and indicts the entire US military and every non-liberal in government, all working together in a massive conspiracy to screw the little old New Republic:
But there is a secondary issue in this story that is being ignored -- how the U.S. military, like everything else, is becoming rapidly politicized, fully incorporated into and following the model of the Republican right-wing noise machine.
Glenn doesn't even mention the possibility, which seems more than likely, that the documents were leaked by a "lone gunman" who was simply outraged at Beauchamp's original slander of his comrades, and the blatant lies told by The New Republic attempting to cover up their own incompetence. Someone who wanted to, well, speak truth to power.

Glenn is outraged that anyone would leak documents, even documents that endanger no troops and have no bearing on national security.

But here, Glenn defends treason by the NYT, which published details of the secret government program to track terrorist money, details that were [gasp!] leaked to them.

Freedom of the Press and all that, you know, that's what Glenn Greenwald stands for. Well, at least freedom of the Press in serving liberal partisan concerns...