Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Marines: 232 Years Strong Today

Happy birthday to America's first warriors...always faithful.

Semper fi', Dad.

Update: this video is interesting for what the Marine doesn't say. His kids have asked him about his time on Guadalcanal, one of the most desperate battles the Marines have ever been called to make. The Navy was forced to retreat in the face of a superior Japanese fleet, leaving the Marines on the beach short of men, ammunition, and rations, facing the certainty of a Japanese counterattack. Notice that this old Marine barely acknowledges there was a war on, instead, diverting his kids with a funny anecdote. My dad used to do the same thing when I asked him about Okinawa. Even in their old age, they still protect us, and discuss the horrors only with their brothers in arms.

Hat tip to Cookie.