Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Resigns

CNN reports that the ailing dictator and mass murderer has resigned as Cuban president and head of its military:
Fidel Castro announced his resignation as president of Cuba and commander-in-chief of Cuba's military on Tuesday, according to a letter published in the state-run newspaper, Granma.

Castro, 81, temporarily handed power to his younger brother Raul Castro in July 2006 after undergoing intestinal surgery. He hasn't been seen in public since his surgery, but he has appeared in numerous videos and photos in state media.

In December 2007, a Cuban television news anchor read a letter reportedly written by Fidel Castro promising he would not "cling to office" or be an impediment to rising young leaders.
"Impediment" he calls it. Castro rose to overlordship of Cuba largely through imprisoning and murdering any "rising young leaders" who got in his way.

Anyway, this is still a classic: