Thursday, February 21, 2008

Glass House

New York Times executive editor Bill Keller had an affair with an ex-girlfriend of John Kerry. He divorced his wife, impregnated his lover, and married her - I'm not sure in what order all this occurred. Children were involved.

Keller is the one who made the ultimate decision to run with the barely sourced, innuendo-laden attack story on John McCain.

From New York magazine:
After reading the letter, Keller called Gilbey, a British journalist living in New York, and asked her to coffee at the Times cafeteria. Gilbey, at the time, had a reputation as something of a power-dater; her exes included Senator John Kerry and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. An affair ensued, which shocked Keller’s friends. “I felt bad for everyone involved,” says Stephen Engelberg, a former Times reporter. “This was not characteristic behavior at all. I wouldn’t pretend to be Bill’s psychologist, but he didn’t get a red sports car, so …”...

Two years after they met, Gilbey was pregnant, Keller was divorced from Cooper, and he had a new job as managing editor under Joe Lelyveld.
What a hypocritical tool.

Via Deceiver.