Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Day, Another NY Gubernatorial Clown Incident

Or, should that be "Goobernatorial?"

David Paterson's ethical challenges begin to approach the level of slapstick:
Gov. David A. Paterson violated state ethics laws when he secured free tickets to the opening game of the World Series from the Yankees last fall for himself and others, the New York State Commission on Public Integrity charged on Wednesday. The accusation came as the governor, already mired in scandal, met with his cabinet and insisted he would stay in office.

In addition to violating the state’s ban on gifts to public officials, Mr. Paterson falsely testified under oath that he had intended to pay for the tickets for his son and his son’s friend, according to the commission. Mr. Paterson had never intended to pay for the tickets, the commission determined, and did so only after inquiries from the news media, after which he submitted a backdated check as payment.
Paterson back-dated the check? Are you effing kidding me?