Sunday, March 07, 2010

Report: American Traitor Adam Gadahn Arrested in Pakistan - Update: Not Gadahn?

Update II: The Voice of America reports that the captured al Qaeda is not Gadahn, but another American traitor:
Pakistani officials said Monday the man they arrested recently in the southern port city of Karachi appears to be another American with the alias Abu Yahya Majadin al-Adam.
While it's disappointing that Gadahn is still stealing oxygen, credit is still due to the Pakistanis, and to the Obama administration.

Update: Via The Jawa Report, MSNBC confirms Gadahn's capture, and that means, it's Hammer Time:

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From ABC News' The Blotter:
Pakistani intelligence officers report that Gadahn was captured in Karachi within the past few days, but did not provide more details. U.S. officials have not yet confirmed the report.

Gadahn is wanted by U.S. authorities for treason, and has been on the most-wanted list for six years. There is $1 million reward for his caputure.
Here's one that should be hanged at high noon in Times Square.